App Inventor and HTML/JavaScript with Input Parameters

Another Listpicker alternative with App Inventor and
jQuery Mobile jQuery Mobile including a Search Filter!

The example displays an App Inventor list in a jQuery Mobile Listview. The user can select an item. The selected item id will be returned back to App Inventor and displayed in a label. Also a search filter bar can be added to filter the list.

And this is only one from lots of possibilities with jQuery Mobile! Take a look at some of the possibilities below!

Using the WebViewString property ,
Version 2 of the example offers the following main advantages:

  1. It now works completely offline, which means no Internet connection required anymore, see also here for more information how this is done.
  2. There is no download of files necessary anymore, all required files are uploaded as assets into the app.
  3. There is no technical size limit of the list anymore. This was in Version 1 restricted to around 2 MB (max. length of an URI)

Note: there seems to be an issue with the new Android System Webview update on some devices. See Boban's tip here how to solve it. Thank you Boban!

Standard Listview

To use the standard listview, just pass the list in csv format, urlencoded using the WebViewString.

For questions about App Inventor,
please ask in the App Inventor community.Thank you.


Listview with Search Filter

To get the search filter bar, just add the parameter


to the WebViewString. Example:

[your list in csv format and urlencoded]&search

Note: If you pick an item using the filter bar (in the example: "Porsche"), the correct selection index of the complete list will be returned as you also would expect it (in the example: 9). This is still a bug in the App Inventor listpicker, which has been discussed here, but up to now without plans to fix it... The App Inventor listpicker would return a selection index of 4, which is useless.


More Possibilities with jQuery Mobile and Listviews

Lists like these could be done using the same technology as the provided example...

Thumbnail Listview

Icon Listview

Count Bubble Listview

Nested Listview

Image Listview
The Image Listview example uses a newer version of jQuery, also I slightly adjusted the html file.

App Inventor Blocks

The tools extension offers the method PathToAssets which always returns the correct path to the assets.

Questions and Answers

Q: I would like to make some layout changes in the listview. How can I find out, what needs to be adjusted in the CSS?
A: Let me recommend you to use the Developer Tools in Google Chrome. See especially chapter "Inspecting the DOM and styles" and Editing Styles and the DOM.

To be able to test using Google Chrome and the Developer Tools, first copy all assets of the listview example into a directory of your choice. The App Inventor example uses the WebViewString property to transfer the rows to be displayed to the webviewer. For the test we will pass the rows as parameter in the URL instead. Like this, we can test the HTML directly without having to use App Inventor. To be able to do that we will have to adjust the HTML file like this:

           // get the list to display from the window.AppInventor object and split at &
           var urlArray = window.AppInventor.getWebViewString().split("&");

by this line:

           // get the list to display from the URL and split at &
           var urlArray ="&");

Then you need a few example rows for the test. In the App Inventor listview example in the select procedure we extract an example WebViewString using Do it. For the simple listview the string for the first 3 rows looks like this %22Audi%22%2C%22BMW%22%2C%22Cadillac%22. You also can do this manually using an online URI encoder, for example

Now go to the folder (you copied all the assets into in the first step), double click the html file and add a question mark and the example WebViewString as parameter.
example URL: file:///C:/myDirectory/listview/listview.html?%22Audi%22%2C%22BMW%22%2C%22Cadillac%22

Now open the developer tools and you are ready to examine the CSS, do some adjustments and test, how it looks like after the adjustments. See also Q1 - Q5 below for some examples.

It helps to be familiar with HTML/CSS. You can learn HTML/CSS with or

Q1: How can I remove the arrow at the end of the line?
A: See this tip: To prevent icons from appearing altogether, set the data-icon attribute to "false". which means replace the following line in the html file:

           $("#list").append("<li><a href='#'>" + urldecode(value)+ "</a></li>");

by this line:

           $("#list").append("<li data-icon='false'><a href='#'>" + urldecode(value)+ "</a></li>");

Q2: How can I wrap the text in the list items instead of hiding the overflow?
A: Just replace the following line in the html file:

           $("#list").append("<li><a href='#'>" + urldecode(value)+ "</a></li>");

by this line:

           $("#list").append("<li ><a style='white-space: normal;' href='#'>" + urldecode(value)+ "</a></li>");

For the thumbnail example, as we are using html tags directly in the list items, you have to define the style in the p tag like this:

Q3: Could you please tell me how to change the size of the image shown in the thumbnail listview?
A: See this stackoverflow answer and these further answers.

Q4: How can I change the font-size?
A: Just add this CSS style in the header of the html file (example font-size 8px):


Q5: I have a list of a discharge of JSON with HTML characters, and believed that ListView could turn to recognizable characters. Have you a idea for this issue?
A: See this stackoverflow answer and add a function in the HTML/JavaScript file, that does the conversion, e.g. from "Se&ntilde;or" to "Señor".

Q6: Is it possible to change the background color of a single record of the list if it contains a specific string? Is it a CSS thing?
A: See this Google search result and this stackoverflow answer, which looks promising. Adjust it to your needs.

Q7: Is there a way to put a space between each item in listview? Something like this, 10px of space between each item?
A: See this stackoverflow answer.

Q8: I am using Arabic language. how can I have the list aligned to the right side so that it shows properly?
A: See this stackoverflow answer.

Q9: Where do I have to change the code in order to modify/translate the hint appearing in the search filter box and displaying "Filter items...." ?
A: See if this answer can help.


You can test with the apk file, which is available for download here:
Download basic listview apk file
Download thumbnail listview apk file
Download icon listview apk file
Download count bubble listview apk file
Download nested listview apk file
Download Image listview apk file

New Important Note

It seems to be, to display the arrow does not work anymore for some Android versions, instead an empty grey circle is displayed. I tested on Nexus 5 running Android 6.0.1 using the companion app, same after building the app. It still works fine on Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.1N running Android 4.0.4

I do not have a solution currently to get the arrow back for all Android versions, but you can remove the icon completely using the tip from Q1:
To prevent icons from appearing altogether, set the data-icon attribute to "false". which means replace the following line in the html file:

           $("#list").append("<li><a href='#'>" + urldecode(value)+ "</a></li>");

by this line:

           $("#list").append("<li data-icon='false'><a href='#'>" + urldecode(value)+ "</a></li>");

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